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Grounded in experience, the Kramos sound is unapologetically emotionally charged. Defined by layers of impassioned synths, lyrics with purpose, and moving vocal melodies, every Kramos song is uniquely crafted to make you feel something.


Kramos in 2019 was highlighted by performing for packed hometown crowds, spending countless hours producing and defining his sound, and working tirelessly to build a foundation for the future of the project. 2020 is a year of execution for the Kramos team. Kramos’ first release, “Ride or Die”, featured LA based artists LUNDØN and GLNNA and hit 100,000 Spotify streams in its first 60 days. His first release of 2020, “Used”, was featured on Airwave Music and has garnered tens of thousands of new listeners. Kramos will compliment this explosive growth by releasing one original single per month in 2020.


Midwest based producer Brady Fink’s passion for EDM stems from his early days watching hundreds of hours of festivals online, dreaming of one day experiencing something as impactful. Now stepping onto the stage himself, it’s clear that Kramos has found his home.